Communities and regions lack opportunities to take advantage of many valuable programs. Rural areas are often isolated for a number of reasons, including a lack of basics, such as portable water, electricity, alternative power sources, suitable transportation or even adequate roads. HEDOF is bringing valuable programs to the residents of Africa continent that can benefit from them. Our success includes promoting rural development and accessibility by working with companies and organizations that bring power, improve electricity, and even cold storage facilities that keep perishable products longer; financing community efforts that benefit residents collectively, such as better health facilities or libraries; or even something as simple as clean water access. These development projects work in synch with other issues related to health and education. The number of international companies and institutions we work with increases weekly. Each of them can offer a specific service. This partnership has many benefits but it also costs money.

Your donation can help bring water to a drought-impacted community that is cool, fresh, and safe, or a library that allows our scholars of tomorrow to get an early start. Think in terms of what you can donate. Every dollar helps communities as a whole, which provides benefits for many individuals at the same time! Please donate what you can to make a success rate continue or a robust foundation to thrive.

Our development programs include, but not limited to, the following thematic areas:

  • Rural development

  • Community organizing

  • Microfinancing and community financing

  • Clean water access

  • Agriculture and natural resources

  • Community projects

  • Electrification of rural areas

  • Cold storage centers