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Cataract conditions affect the eyesight of individuals all over the world. However, the seriousness of this situation is accelerated in developed countries. In Africa, cataract is the leading cause of blindness. The prevalence of cataract increases with the aging population. Although cataract surgery is the most cost-effective way to help with the disease, its delivery in developing countries has many issues and challenges. Changes in the surgical techniques have changed and they have been positive in Africa. Despite some success stories, there needs to be more. It continues to be a challenge, especially in rural areas with poor, impoverished residents that can’t afford the surgery.

What HEDOF proposes to do is sponsor a program that will defray the costs of indigent people impacted by cataracts. We promise to help them pay a very discounted cost for cataract surgery. Remember, while cataract is a degenerative eye disease that affects older residents, children can also get cataracts. We don’t want children to suffer when they have their entire lives ahead of them and the ability to do great things. Being held back by the detrimental affects of cataracts is unfortunate, especially when it can be prevented. Give residents the gift of eyesight.