HEDOF was organized as more than just an acronym; we built our team with a foundation of peace, love, and service. After our initial experience in Africa, we knew HEDOF was organized for a reason. Our mission is to help residents of Africa succeed and lead better, more productive lives. We want youth to grow up fulfilled, happy, and successful, the things that children in developed nations take for granted. This is a simple goal but often in Africa the outcome is very different. We want their parents to be free from worry, hunger and disease. There is no quick fix and it doesn’t go away with short-term accomplishments. It is an ongoing process as we try to conquer challenges that developed over decades and requires a continual commitment of financial and emotional support. HEDOF is that movement. If you have a strong calling to give back to others less fortunate, you are on the right website. We can use your help. We began helping residents across Africa in 2016, and we’ve been very successful. We can do more, but we need assistance. Check out our three missions and take the next steps to assist our organization in funding additional trips to Africa. Donating to worthy causes makes you feel better, and it allows us to do good deeds. Join us let’s make history for Africa and its people.