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One of the four ongoing projects of HEDOF is providing healthcare to the poor and impoverished. Disease and critical medical needs are ongoing in Africa, especially in rural areas. There are a number of reasons for the lack of medical services. Local governments do not have money or resources available to help, and thus they are ineffective. Rural residents are often miles from a suitable healthcare facility, and just traveling there for a check-up can be an all-day experience. Funds for medicines is as lacking from private agencies as it is from local government. And finally, medical services require professional doctors, nurses, and other staff to be effective. Medical staff are in short supply in many locations in Africa. HEDOF, from the very first trip to Africa, is constantly trying to bridge the gap between medical services and reaching those that need them the most. We need donations to provide free medical missions to treat the poor and underserved.

Our next focus is Nigeria, and we can definitely use your financial assistance. A donation can definitely save a life! Please donate to keep our successful campaigns for healthcare ongoing.