Unfortunately, many graduates, after completing the degree, are unable to find jobs in public health courses. This practice is quite common, and many holders of a BSPH or an MPH and even higher degrees in public health remain jobless for over a year.

In this blog post, we will identify the unemployment problem among public health graduates and discuss some of the suitable solutions. We will also look further into the employment barriers and, most importantly, how specialized training programs, such as PH360, will bridge your graduation and employment.

These challenges and opportunities will give graduates a career map of how to secure meaningful jobs in public health.

The Unemployment Crisis Among Public Health Graduates

A substantial percentage of graduates in BSPH, MPH, and even doctoral studies remain unemployed for significant periods, some for even up to 1 year after graduating. These statistics are alarming because public health professionals are entrusted with the health of an entire community.

Even when COVID-19 has made public health a necessity globally, highly qualified professionals still fail to get the required jobs. This ultimately points to the gap between the need for public health expertise and the available job opportunities.

Reasons Behind High Unemployment Rates

Other reasons for the high levels of unemployment include the following:

Saturation of the Job Market

Over the last decade, the number of public health graduates has considerably saturated the job market. The competition is tight, with more candidates vying for a limited number of positions.

Lack of Practical Experience

A majority of academic programs focus more on theoretical knowledge than the practical application of skills. The graduates find that they are well-acquainted with the issues of public health but are grossly deficient in the practical aspect of the employment package valued by employers. This disparity in practical training factors in an unsympathetic transition into the real world of work.

Poor Networking Opportunities

Networking is at the core of job acquisition. Still, most graduates lack professional networks to facilitate job acquisition. Additionally, opportunities to meet industry professionals and potential employers are limited during academic programs.

Consequences of Unemployment

Long periods of unemployment come with significant stress, both mentally and financially. A general ill state of health may be compromised by feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and possibly depression. In this case, there will also be financial distress from student loans.

The public health sector also suffers when qualified professionals cannot find employment. A shortage of skilled workers can hinder the ability of public health organizations to effectively address health crises and implement preventive measures. This gap in the workforce undermines efforts to improve community health outcomes.

The Need for Practical Experience and Skills

Nowadays, employers want to see the following in the candidates:

Hands-on Training

Public health is all about practical experience. To fill the gap between classroom training and work practice, the graduates need opportunities to apply their knowledge in the actual field and engage in professional training and community interaction projects.

Skills in Demand

Employers now need teams with unique skill sets that include data analysis and epidemiology, health communication, and project management. Graduates who possess these skills are in a better position to get jobs. Other soft skills in great demand in public health are teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

Bridging the Gap

Programs and post-graduation training initiatives will play a central role in helping graduates get jobs through the experience and practical skills they acquire. They shall offer structured hands-on learning through mentorship and professional development.

Introduction to PH360 Hands-On Workforce Development Program

PH360 is an answer to all the challenges faced by public health graduates. It helps graduates with adequate, practical experience, preparing them to land jobs in public health even in a competitive market.

PH360 offers public health training in a comprehensive approach that combines academics with practical training. It will thus provide practical learning through training on how to do it and real-life projects to give participants the ability to apply the learned material in real life.

The PH360 skill development program aims to link academic knowledge with practical health experience. The program aims to raise the employability of graduates by providing the skills and practice that employers demand.

How PH360 Helps You Get Jobs In Mental Health?

Hands-on Training

The course is highly practical, with students undergoing real-world projects to hone their skills. Thus, the practical approach helps graduates build a strong portfolio to prove their competency before employers.

Linking with the Industry

PH360 links in collaboration with different organizations and authorities at the governmental and nongovernmental levels whose activities are linked to public health. This brings about chances of internship, placement, and collaboration on different projects. This vital link serves as a gateway for the participants to get an easy reach to potential employers.

Career Services

The program is linked with detailed career services involving resume development, interview skills, and job search strategies. Modularly, the career services aim to equip graduates with skills on how to present themselves best before employers and be confident about handling and maneuvering the job space.

The program is thriving, with a majority of the graduates having been employed in the public health sector barely some months after leaving the course.


The unemployment crisis among public health graduates is a significant concern, but programs like PH360 offer a viable solution. PH360 equips you with the practical skills, industry links, and after-care career support that enables a graduate to have a seamless transition from academic training to professional employment. For those struggling to find jobs in public health, PH360 represents an open gate into a career of fulfillment and positive change.

Visit the PH360 website for more information.