Development is growth in any area of life. Developing countries find it hard to grow sustainably because of the many challenges they face as a society or country. Educational development, for example, is a major problem in the developing countries. There are so many challenges facing the people in these countries such that they find it hard to go to school though development is inclusive of so many things, not education only.

To change the mindset of people to enable them to grow, they must be educated first or empowered through their talents and potential.

Economic empowerment is one of the things that Charity and Non-Profit organizations are looking to foster in Africa and the developing countries. Most people here have the potential to do great things for their society and the country at large, but they have to be empowered first.

In most of these countries especially in Africa, you will find people having vast acres of land, but they are limited. What limits them is the technology they use to plant, the kind of seeds they plant and how they tackle pests and diseases. To these farmers, development is getting high-quality seeds that can resist diseases and the technology to plant, harvest and store when the crops are ready. They, however, don’t have the economic power to help them do these, and they certainly don’t have the expertise. How do they get access to clean water and take care of their crops? These are some of the challenges different charity organizations here try to curb.

What most of the charity organizations in Africa and the developing countries are trying to address is how can these people be empowered enough to make a significant development. Diseases are also another challenge limiting the development of these countries. Most of the people here do not have access to clean water and medical facilities. There are some places where you find a person sick, and before they get to a hospital with enough personnel and medication, the disease has already taken its toll on the individual. Giving these people medical aid in terms of medicine and trained professionals is a way of addressing the disease challenge in the developing countries. Making sure they have access to medical aid can change their lives significantly.

Most of the charity organizations in Africa and most of the developing countries are trying their best to empower these people to help their society develop, but they can only do so much. However, they have done an important job that is worth noting, and development rate in these countries has grown.