Project Description

Dr. (Mrs.) Sussan Ekejiuba

Dr. Ekejiuba is clinical trials Regulatory Specialist, Veterinary Surgeon, Public Health Pharmacologist and a community woman leader with over 10 years’ experience of entrepreneurship, financial services management and managing programs in private sector and the community. As a young veterinarian, Sussan set up her first veterinary practice as well as motivated her colleagues to set up independent practices that are thriving–a feat that demonstrated her early entrepreneurial potentials. She takes a lot of pleasure in motivating young men and women to aim for the highest levels in their callings, a passion that has been recognized within her community and neighborhood.

Before becoming a Veterinarian, she was, for two years, an Electrical Engineering student, but had to leave because the field of Engineering was considered a male profession. This experience has been the motivation behind her work to get girls into science and technology-oriented careers. Most recently, she has channeled that interest and motivation in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among minority youths especially girls both in United States and internationally. She spends many hours every week processing admission applications, reviewing admission essays, and counseling young girls and boys into science careers.

A wife and proud mother of two children—a boy and a girl, Sussan holds a PhD in Pharmacology from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC, USA., and a DVM from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In addition, she has completed numerous courses in health disparities and clinical trials including Bioethics, Research Ethics, Clinical Trials and Health Disparities Fellowship, National Bioethics Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Certificate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, National Institutes of Health.